How to Order



My normal regime for selling would be to put aside any surplus bulbs as I am re-potting/lifting/sorting my collection in June/July. These bulbs would then be offered for sale in mid-July and customers would be notified on receipt of an order as to which bulbs I had available.

This method of working has served me very well except for the last 2 years. I am now finding that after my sales period I am being left with a lot of “left over bulbs” which I neither have the space nor the time to replant. My friends are benefiting by getting lots of free bulbs!!

My intention this year is to produce a list on 1st May which will contain the varieties that I should have enough of to sell; hence being able to for see the varieties that are not required.

The list will be valid from 1st May to 1st June. Bulbs will be despatched mid-July onwards.

If there is any variety that is not on the list that you are particularly looking for then please ask.

If the above terms are acceptable then please request an order form before 1st May.

 Existing customers will automatically get an order form.

I still do not sell “in the green”, nor do I sell on e-Bay

Thank you


UK orders only.

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