My Collection

The following list contains the names of the snowdrops that I am currently growing in what I term “my collection”.
Where the name is underlined there will be a link to a file that will contain either a description of the plant or a photo; in some cases there will be both .
It is my intention to ultimately have descriptions and photos for all of my snowdrops.
Where there is a description this has been written by me and it reflects how I see the plant.
Flowering time is suitably vague and is based on the flowering time in my garden, which is in Warwickshire.
No measurements are used and technical terms are kept to a minimum.
For a precise description of the snowdrops, please refer to the excellent book written by Matt Bishop, Aaron Davis and John Grimshaw - Snowdrops, A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus, published by The Griffin Press (ISBN 0 9541916 0 9). This is a book which no snowdrop lover should be without.
 The Griffin Press can be contacted at 35 Wessex Way, Cox Green, Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 3BP. Tel/Fax 01628 778491 E-mail:

Please note that this list reflects what I am currently growing, not what is for sale. Any varieties that I have a surplus of will duly be offered for sale and will appear on an order form at the appropriate time.

Alpinus var Bortkewitschianus
“Barbara’s Double”
“Benhall Beauty”
“Benton Magnet”
“Bertram Anderson”
“Bill Bishop”
“Brenda Troyle”
“Clare Blakeway-Phillips”
“Cliff Curtis”
Corcyrensis (Reginae-Olgae ssp. Reginae Olgae)
“Ding Dong”
“Early Merlin”
“Eliot Hodgkin”
Elwesii “Barnes”
Elwesii “Cedric’s Prolific”
Elwesii “Chelsworth Magnet”
Elwesii “Cinderdine”
Elwesii “Comet”
Elwesii “Daphne’s Scissors”
Elwesii “David Shackleton”
Elwesii “Deerslot”
Elwesii “Edith”
Elwesii “G. Handel”
Elwesii “Grayswood”
Elwesii “H. Purcell”
Elwesii “Helen Tomlinson”
Elwesii “J. Haydn”
Elwesii “John Tomlinson”
Elwesii “Kite”
Elwesii “Lodestar”
Elwesii “Maidwell L”
Elwesii “Mandarin”
Elwesii “Miller’s Late”
Elwesii “Mrs McNamara”
Elwesii “Paradise Giant”
Elwesii “Ransom’s Dwarf”
Elwesii “Remember, Remember”
Elwesii “Selborne Green Tips”
Elwesii “Sibbertoft Magnet”
Elwesii “Spring Greens”
Elwesii “Sybil Stern”
Elwesii “Three Leaves”
Elwesii “Two Eyes”
Elwesii var Elwesii
Elwesii var Elwesii Flore Pleno
Elwesii var Elwesii (Late Flowering)
Elwesii var Elwesii (Tall Form)
Elwesii var Monostictus (Early Flowering)
Elwesii var Monostictus (Form A)
Elwesii var Monostictus (Form B)
Elwesii var Monostictus “Greentips”
Elwesii var Monostictus (Hiemalis)
Elwesii “X Files”
Elwesii “Zwanenburg”
“Ermine House”
“Faringdon Double”
“Fieldgate Superb”
“Forge Double”
“George Elwes”
“Ginns’ Imperati”
Gracilis “Highdown”
Gracilis “Yamanlar”
“Hill Poe”
Ikariae ssp Ikariae “Butt’s Form”
Ikariae ssp Snogerupii
“James Backhouse”
“John Gray”
“Kingston Double”
“Lady Beatrix Stanley”
“Lime Tree”
“Little Dorrit”
“Little John”
“Little Magnet”
“Mighty Atom”
“Modern Art”
“Mrs Backhouse No. 12”
“Mrs Thompson”
“Mrs Wrightson’s Double”
“Neill Fraser”
Nivalis “Angelique”
Nivalis “Anglesey Abbey”
Nivalis “April Fool”
Nivalis “Bitton”
Nivalis “Blewbury Tart”
Nivalis “Blonde Inge”
Nivalis “Bungee”
Nivalis “Chedworth”
Nivalis “Doncaster Double Charmer”
Nivalis “Dreycott Greentip”
Nivalis “Elfin”
Nivalis “Ermine Street”
Nivalis “Flore Pleno”
Nivalis “Fluff”
Nivalis “Greenish”
Nivalis “Hambutt’s Orchard”
Nivalis “Lady Elphinstone”
Nivalis “Little Dancer”
Nivalis “Little Joan”
Nivalis “Major Pam”
Nivalis “Norris”
Nivalis “Octopussy”
Nivalis “Pewsey Vale”
Nivalis Poculiformis Group “Sandhill Gate”
Nivalis “Pusey Green Tips”
Nivalis “Ray Cobb”
Nivalis Sandersii Group
Nivalis “Scharlockii”
Nivalis “Sibbertoft White”
Nivalis “Tiny”
Nivalis “Tiny Tim”
Nivalis “Virescens”
Nivalis “Viridapice”
Nivalis “Walrus”
Nivalis “Warei”
Nivalis “Wonston Double”
“Peg Sharples”
Platyphyllus (Small Form)
Plicatus “Augustus”
Plicatus “Babraham Dwarf”
Plicatus “Baxendale’s Late”
Plicatus “Clun Green Plicate”
Plicatus “Colossus”
Plicatus “Edinburgh Ketton”
Plicatus “Florence Baker”
Plicatus “Gerard Parker”
Plicatus “Percy Picton”
Plicatus “Sally Pasmore”
Plicatus “Sibbertoft Manor”
Plicatus “Sophie North”
Plicatus “Three Ships”
Plicatus “Trym”
Plicatus “Upcher”
Plicatus “Warham”
Plicatus “Washfield Warham”
Plicatus “Wendy’s Gold”
Plicatus ssp Byzantinus
Plicatus ssp Plicatus
“Primrose Warburg”
Reginae-Olgae ssp Reginae-Olgae “Cambridge”
Reginae-Olgae ssp Vernalis
Reginae-Olgae ssp Vernalis Kenneth Beckett’s AM form
Reginae-Olgae ssp Vernalis Sicilian Form
“Richard Ayres”
Rizehensis “Baytop”
“Robert Berkeley”
“Robin Hood”
“Rushmere Green”
“S. Arnott”
“Sally Ann”
“Silver Wells”
“Sir Herbert Maxwell”
“Spindlestone Surprise”
“St. Anne’s”
“Sutton Court”
“The Apothecary”
“The Linns”
“The Pearl”
“Trotter’s Merlin”
“Tubby Merlin”
“Washfield Colesborne”
“White Swan”
“William Thomson”
“Winifrede Mathias”
“Wisley Magnet”


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